Independent schools are subject to contractual law and, as such, have liability exposure in a number of areas, including employment practices and lawsuits brought by parents because of a failure to provide a safe environment.

In this 60-minute webinar, Martin Kelly, President of ISM Insurance Inc., examines these and other areas of risk, such as crisis planning, HR practices, facilities, trips, use of volunteers, bullying and misconduct, acceptable use polices, and more.

Registrants will also receive a risk management questionnaire in order to perform a self-assessment and benchmark your risk in these areas as you build or review your risk management plan.


About the presenter

Martin_Kelly_ISMMartin joined ISM in 1996 as President of the company's insurance division, which has seen substantial growth and a doubling of staff. The agency now works with over 1,200 schools, insuring in excess of 30,000 staff and 200,000 students. He developed and leads Risk Management: How Safe Is Your School Really? and writes for Ideas & Perspectives, ISM's flagship advisory letter, in his areas of expertise.

He has also developed a 360° independent-school-specific risk management assessment service for ISM, including city planning and student safety. He has presented on risk management to numerous school associations over the past several years and has conducted numerous on-site assessments.

Martin holds an MBA from Widener University (PA), a BS in economics from Villanova University (PA), and a Certified Risk Managers (CRM) degree.